Hi! I’m Tom Gresham, host and producer of Wings To Adventure television. WTA is a weekly television series about personal aviation — the people, the aircraft, and the things we do with them. WTA airs on The Outdoor Channel. The entire series is shot in stunning high definition video — 1080i, not “up converted” video. We travel the country in search of stories, and to tell the truth, this is a great gig!
If your local cable provider does not offer The Outdoor Channel, make some noise, Or, get a satellite dish. Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer TOC for only $1.99 a month, but you have to ask for it “a la carte.”


We’re working on it. Expect to see DVDs of Wings To Adventure, with added content, before Christmas of 2006. Long before, with any luck. We will announce the DVDs here, on the WTA forum on AVSIG, or you can send us an email, and we will let you know (via email) when they are ready.


We’ve been shooting video — in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Tennessee . . . The new season begins June 26. Check out the clip on the left. It’s the Beech Staggerwing, and it’s in the first show of the new season.

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This Week

Want a plane that’ll take you coast-to-coast in a day, has the latest in high-tech advancements, and even wears its own parachute? Wings To Adventure shows the Cirrus SR-22, the “plane with a parachute.” Then, host Tom Gresham visits the AOPA Expo, where you can see practically every plane and gadget in personal aviation. A simple, fun “warbird” called the Chipmunk carries history in an easy-to-fly package.

Next Week

Make the wings out of aluminum and the fuselage out of fiberglass, incorporate the latest development in aircraft engines, and you have the Liberty XL, which may be the future of personal aircraft. Also in Florida, the Wings To Adventure crew hits a breakfast fly-in at John Travolta’s neighborhood. Host Tom Gresham shows the hot Garmin GPSMap 296, a navigational wonder.